Graphics Design



  • Course Starts Every Month
  • Course Duration 03 Months
  • Class Duration 1:30 hours
  • Seats Available 10 Students
  • Level All level
Course Fee: Tk. 8,000


This course contain two application program: Adobe Illustrator CS6 & Adobe Photoshop CS6. In this course you can able to know basic of graphics.


Graphic designers are incredibly talented people who have an eye for detail and a creative mind. Their work is varied and includes creating books, newspapers, advertisements, logos, illustrations and websites, along with any other visual materials that their clients ask for. The more creative a person is, the farther they will go in this field. It is also important for graphic designers to have a good attitude and understand that the client is always right.


Illustrator CC Essential Training 0. Introduction 1. Getting Started a. About Raster & Vector Graphics b. Preferences c. Description Tool, Pallets & Menu d. About Control Panel 2. Working with Documents a. Create document for printing b. Creating web document c. Basic Navigation Hand, Zoom, Navigator Tool d. Ruler & Guide Smart Guide (View>Smart Guide [Ctrl+U]) e. Custom View (View>New View/Edit View) f. Lock & Hide (Object>Lock>Selection [Ctrl+2]; Object>Hide>Selection [Ctrl+3]) 3. Selecting and Transforming Objects a. Selection Tools Selection Tool [V] Direction Selection Tool [A] Group Selection Tool Magic Wand Tool [Y] + Control Lasso Tool [Q] Selection with Select Menu b. Transforming Objects Resize Object Use Scale Tool for resize object Rotate Object Width Tool Wrap Tool Twirl Tool Pucker Tool Bloat Tool Scallop Tool Crystallize Tool Wrinkle Tool 4. Working with Color 5. Working with Fills and Strokes 6. Working with Paths 7. Creating Shapes 8. Don't Be Afraid of the Pen Tool 9. Using Type in Illustrator 10. Adjusting Appearance 11. Working with Layers 12. Working with Images 13. Creating and Using Symbols 14. Drawing in Perspective 15. Printing, Saving, and Exporting 16. Conclusion